Do you like to know where what you eat comes from?

Do you like to find great deals?

Do you like to eat local products?

Do you like to know how what you eat is grown or made?

Do you grow your own garden?

Do you like natural products?

Do you have items in your store that you are not selling despite being on sale?

Do you have very productive fruit trees and want to sell what you are not going to eat?

Welcome to the food revolution where many people ask themselves the same questions as you and want to know what they are eating without breaking the bank.

The Nativum Tribe is waiting for you with some fantastic offers that you cannot miss.

What is NATIVUM? A network of individuals, sellers and producers who want to be in contact to eat better and cheaper.

Why? Because we want to give visibility to the actors and actresses of the world of tomorrow.

Those who work to improve access to quality food and wish to reduce food waste by directly promoting the Community and the typical products grown there. Your expectations are our motivation to continue working.